Media Production

Media production plays an important role within our projects, enabling us to create captivating and engaging content that utilises graphics, video, photographic and audio elements, all created in house by our strong team of designers and content developers.

We have the unique opportunity to tap into the facilities that Heart of Worcestershire College offers, from classroom activities and course facilities to teacher training and CPD sessions. By making use of the content from courses such as construction, health care, media and arts or functional skills to name just a few, it provides us with valuable resources to implement that are both tested, valid and more importantly, current.

Within our services we have the ability to produce bespoke narration to suit individual projects as well as the capability to produce theme music, soundtracks and sound effects, all of which can be utilised within our e-learning content. Often overlooked, high quality and relevant audio plays an important role in delivering a positive and effective learning experience, and when combined with the visual content, helps us deliver products we are proud to provide.

We are happy to provide a range of media production services to suit your needs, including complete e-learning products, standalone informative videos and limited audio services. Please get in touch to discuss you requirements.