Product Features

Online course content can vary depending on clients requirements. The examples below should provide an insight into the available options we provide. Some features come as part of our standard service while others are considered extra features that incuur additional costs due to the increased development time. Please review these examples then feel free to have a chat with our developers to discuss any individual requirements.

Example Session - Standard Features

This example session was built using the standard features of Articulate Storyline 2 (one of our development packages). All features within this example come as part of our standard service. Please note not all features are included and a certain amout of customisation will apply to implement client requirements and branding guidelines.

Online Safety

Careers in Music

The 'Access to Music' example utilises the standard interface and navigation, standard branded theme and slide options. It also features additional elements such as the animated introduction, custon interactions and question slides, bespoke info-graphics, image resources and audio narration.

Careers in Music

Rapid VARK Questionnaire

This custom questionnaire features programmed variables to simulate a likert scale questionning process. The user responses are logged and provided in a smart graphical format at the end of the session. Additional variables allow users to repeat the process. Other features include a bespoke animated introduction, custom navigation and user interface.

Rapid Vark

Health & Safety in Construction

This session on 'Portable Power Tool Safety' utilises a standard theme, menu and navigation system but adds features such as an animated intro with soundtrack, audio narration and custom info-graphics and images.

Online Safety

Education Consortium

This session on Psychology has a custom navigation system and implements a bilingual option (Welsh). It includes custom interactions and the use of interactive PDF documents for assessment purposes.

Online Safety